Deke Weaver | Wolf

WOLF | Deke Weaver


Sheep-killer to ranchers, spirit animal to New Age seekers, admired by many hunting cultures, devil incarnate to medieval European farmers – the wolf’s spot at the top of the food chain elicits strong reactions. Wherever the wolf peers out of the forest, he stirs up the old stories, the pot bubbling with archetypes. Part “wild, vivid dream,” part environmental education, WOLF is the third performance in Weaver’s life-long project, The Unreliable Bestiary. The project is presenting a performance for every letter of the alphabet, each letter representing a particular endangered animal. The audaciously ambitious gesture of creating 26 individual, full-length performances will present a tiny sliver of our current catastrophic loss of habitat and biodiversity.

Many scientists predict that climate change and the Earth’s exploding human population will push half the species on the planet into extinction by 2050. Animals have been at the heart of cultural myths all over the world - what will we do when our dreams disappear? Weaver hopes that unforgettable events like WOLF will help plant the seeds of ecological stewardship and reawaken people to a world that is slipping away. 


DEKE WEAVER director, writer, video, performer
is a writer-performer, and media artist. His work has been presented in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Europe and the United States at experimental theater, film/video, dance, solo performance, and broadcast venues such as the Sundance Film Festival, Channel 4/U.K., the New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center, The Berlin Video Festival, the Museum of Contemporary Art/LA, The Moth, and many others including livestock pavilions, night clubs, backyard sheds and living rooms. He has been a resident artist at Yaddo, Isle Royale National Park, HERE, Ucross, and the MacDowell Colony. His work has been supported by commissions, fellowships and grants from Creative Capital, the Guggenheim Foundation, the city of San Francisco, the states of Illinois and New York, the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign), and other public and private foundations. He is currently an associate professor at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign with appointments in the School of Art and Design and Department of Theater.