Jake Fussell w/ House & Land

Jake Fussell w/ House & Land

Black Iris is excited to be welcoming back Durham, North Carolina singer and guitarist Jake Xerxes Fussell in support of his new album What in the Natural World

Fussell follows his celebrated self-titled debut with a moving new album of Natural Questions in the form of transmogrified folk/blues koans. This time these radiant ancient tunes tone several shades darker while amplifying their absurdist humor, illuminating our national, and psychic, predicaments. 

Listen to "Have You Ever Seen Peaches", here: NPR Songs We Love.

House and Land is the new collaboration of Asheville guitarist Sarah Louise Henson with fiddle player Sally Anne Morgan. The tension between new and old, between folk and avant-garde, is its driving force.

Their playing together is wholly unmediated, without amplifiers and using just two sets of hands and voices. With a minimalist approach, their music considers the space between notes as much as the notes themselves. The material on their debut is drawn from traditional southern hymns and Appalachian ballads that originated in England and elsewhere hundreds of years ago. Microtonality is as essential to certain Appalachian vocal styles as it is to a Tony Conrad composition and the often spare adornment to their singing puts these complexities on full display.

Hear and see them performing here on NPR's All Songs TV.

Friday, March 2, 2018 | 7:30 PM  10:30 PM | $6 - $10

Trauma, Healing & Resilience

Trauma, Healing & Resilience

This program will involve discussions around trauma, how different art galleries and venues can be more trauma informed, and how institutionalized racism and capitalism further disproportionately impacts survivors in marginalized communities. The program will also help survivors get connected to different resources and information helpful to them.


Art will be on display from the art therapy workshop at Soft Web Studio Collective February 24th, with folks tabling from community organizations like VAVP, VSDVAA, Nationz Foundation, and Richmond Peace Education Center. Members from Nationz Foundation will be offering free, confidential HIV/STI testing.


We will have different panel members and therapists talk about these issues and the difficult process of healing and how to cultivate resiliency and post-traumatic growth from 3-4:15 p.m.. Panelists include:

representatives from Nationz Foundation, VAVP, Richmond Peace Education Center, and Drums No Guns.

Discussion will be followed by a self-defense workshop led by Sophia Lakis (sliding scale donations accepted) from 4:30-5:30 p.m. and the evening will culminate in a group led sonic healing session from 5:30-6:30.  Throughout the event, we will be asking for feedback and ideas for future events/sessions.

Heart of the Ghost & CGI Jesus

Heart of the Ghost & CGI Jesus

Heart of the Ghost is an improvisational unit from the Baltimore/Washington area. Comprised of Jarrett Gilgore (Alto Saxophone), Luke Stewart (Double Bass) and Ian McColm (Drums), this group is the culmination of years of encircling orbits. Collectively encompassing a massive variety of interests and collaborators including James Brandon Lewis, Jaimie Branch, Tashi Dorji, and Dave Rempis. Themselves known players in the circles of improvised music; these three find common ground within their individual vocabularies: an aim to deconstruct and reshape canonized creative tropes into a new & stunning language.

Hear a live recording here: Heart of the Ghost/Pidgeon Records

We're always happy to have CGI Jesus back to Black Iris. Richmond, Va's favorite Thrash-jazz/Chamber-Punk outfit. Composer Kevin Eichenberger uses a unique mix of songwriting, counterpoint, and improvisation to create a distinct listening experience. They're high energy, ambitious and a whole lot of fun!

Hear their recordings here via Bandcamp: Live at Black Iris

Saturday, March 31, 2018 | 7:30 PM  10:30 PM | $6 - $10