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Mathew O’Neill Live $10 ($5 members)

      Musical artist Matthew O’Neill is based in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  Born in Ontario, Matthew grew up outside of Philadelphia, and spent much of his youth joyously alongside his father in the Eastern woodlands. He is an artist that is deeply passionate about the natural world. He has spent and continues to spend a great amount of time in the wilderness. O’Neill’s music embodies a deep connection to nature, spirit, and indigenous ways. For him music is a way to explore unique realms and to share them. In bridging the gap between indigenous ways and the contemporary world, his music offers up feelings that are fresh, wild, curious, and celebratory. His songwriting features poetic allegory centering on non anthropocentric articulations of gratitude and joy, pain and loss.  Reviewers have compared his work to Neil Young, Robbie Robertson, David Byrne, and Nick Cave. 

"Matthew O’Neill follows his vision, a potent mind-meld of early Pink Floyd space-rock, Jerry Garcia-esque laid-back roots music, and Native American-inspired earth-and-sky spirituality....a sort of mystic shaman sketching out his dreams and hopes for the earth he loves in the language he knows best: music.” - The Daily Vault