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First Friday Gallery Opening with Lydia Marek December 7Th

Artist Statement and Bio

 “Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing?  Can one really explain this? No.  Just as one can never learn how to paint.” – Pablo Picasso

Lydia Marek works with acrylics to develop multi-textured vibrantly colored paintings.  She has shown her work in several successful solo and group shows in Richmond over the past two years including, West Elm Richmond, West Elm Virginia Beach, Crossroads Art Center, Gallery 23, Innovista Law, Bimmer Rescue, and Black Iris Social Club. Lydia is inspired by nature, colors, and texture to create and paint on a daily basis as well as her commissioned individual paintings where she works with clients to co-design unique pieces for their home.

Lydia was born in New York but has lived in Virginia for over 40 years.  She retired from Virginia Tech as a Research Scientist and moved to Richmond four years ago. Growing up in New York and traveling extensively has provided many opportunities for her to see, experience and fall deeply in love with the visual arts. She has always been attracted to color, texture and movement, which she incorporates into her paintings. She works in acrylics and is always searching for new colors!

“I typically approach my painting with an idea of a color palette and sometimes include textured mediums and then the paintings develop in an organic way.  I pull colors, layer and layer, and sometimes pour paint and spray while watching the paints puddle and move. Layering paint and using different mediums and strokes ends up with a lot of texture and movement.  I hope others get a sense of color, play, and dynamism when they look at my work.”