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Diane Cluck & Devon Sproule

Diane Cluck

Diane Cluck is a singer-songwriter of intuitive folk who employs singing as a healing, textural experience in which audiences may wander, ponder, or simply be. Her vocal style has been noted for its clipped, glottal beauty, and described by NPR as “an unlikely mix of Aaron Neville, the Baka people, and Joni Mitchell--unaffected yet unusual”.

She accompanies herself on various instruments including guitar, piano, harmonium, zither, and a copper pipe instrument she built by hand. Time Out New York cited her as a “one of the most refined and elegant songwriters in all of neo-folkdom...a brilliant idiosyncratic guitarist”.

Diane contributed to New York’s burgeoning Antifolk scene in the early 2000s. Since then, singer-songwriters Laura Marling, Florence Welch (of Florence And The Machine), and Sharon Van Etten have cited Diane’s work as influential. In 2017 Grizzly Bear released their cover of Diane's song "Easy to Be Around".

Devon Sproule

“Sproule’s lyrics glance off each other arrestingly, juxtaposing images. The music is correspondingly complex, but has a centripetal stillness about it, as if suspended for a moment out of time.”  (Financial Times).  In 2017, Devon released “The Gold String,” a collection of songs revolving about love and connection, recorded in her birth-country, Canada.  Sproule was raised on eco-villages near Kingston, Ontario and Louisa, Virginia. She has been married to producer Paul Curreri for 13 years and the two live with their daughter, Ray, in Charlottesville, VA.