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Xander Naylor November 3rd (public event)

"Some of the most refreshingly unhinged guitar recorded in this century." - New York Music Daily

"[Naylor] creates a language all his own...[and] comes across as a mix between a guitar-slinging Colin Stetson and a guitar-slinging Fred Frith, with the result (and main takeaway) being that he’s a pretty competent guitar slinger, no matter what style he’s tackling." - The Critical Masses

This Sound Machine, built of guitar, sax, bass, and drum, employs modern technique in revolutionizing post-rock grooves and confronts you while you head-bang your way across the dance floor.  Guitarist Xander Naylor’s work, which has been recognized by New York Music Daily as "Some of the most refreshingly unhinged guitar recorded in this century,” uses myriad rhythmic influences to solidly bond the machine’s language of sound. Executed by an all-star group of musicians who perform all over the world, XNSM supplies a power surge of cohesive sound that stops just short of overwhelming your brain, allowing you to live fully in the moment and embrace what is possible. 

Naylor's latest album, Transmission, out October 26, 2018 on the Chhandayan label, features drummer Dan Weiss, tabla master Samir Chatterjee, and a slew of other innovators from New York City.

Links: (album coming out Oct. 26!)  (live video)