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Nelly Kate | Bobby Donne | Feminacci

Black Iris Gallery is excited, focused and defiantly optimistic about the role arts, culture and the creative community will play in shaping and reshaping the spaces/places that make up our collective world. Our first presentation of 2017 brings together three artists who share in common a pursuit of newness, meaning, understanding, and beauty in the known and unknown .  Each of their experiments and explorations gather, create and present evidence of a vast expanding sonic universe. 

FEMINACCI ::: SPARSE // EERIE // GRANULAR. From simple sequences, where each number is the sum of previous two, we find the golden ratio, often witnessed in nature. Even our uteruses follow these proportions.

BOBBY DONNE ::: FRESH // UNDENIABLE // ELECTRONIC. Through involvement with endeavors such as: Gregor Samsa, Labradford, Stephen Vitiello, and Cristal—we have grown eager to experience the latest palette of this established artist.

NELLY KATE ::: IMMERSIVE // EXPERIENTIAL // LO-FI. Tuning into new frequencies. Sonic tiptoes tread softly as video experiments light her way.

CLINT SLEEPER ::: On the heels of his residency, at Signal Culture, Sleeper refined a motion + sound-responsive app to affect videos live during this show.

DOORS 7 // SHOW 7:30

Earlier Event: December 9
Later Event: January 23
Tiny Bar 029 // H.O.W.