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Chen + Fleisenberg + Nørstebø | Tiny Bar Session 020

Tiny Bar Session 019 will present the exploratory sounds and voice of Berlin based Audrey Chen's, Philadelphia based percussionist Flandrew Fleisenberg and special guest Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø Norway on the trombone. 

Doors: 7:30pm - $6 - $10 | Show: 8:00pm

Audrey Chen: using the cello, voice and occasional analog electronics, Chen’s work delves deeply into her own version of narrative and non-linear storytelling. A large component of her music is improvised and her approach to this is extremely personal and visceral. Her playing explores the combination and layering of the homemade analog synthesizer, preparations and traditional and extended techniques in both the voice and cello. She works to join these elements into a singular ecstatic personal language. Over the past decade, her predominant focus has been her solo work with the cello, voice and electronics, but she has more recently begun to shift back towards the exploration of the voice as a primary instrument.

Flandrew Fleisenberg: is a player of objects. Drums only fall peripherally into his spectrum, while he is mostly fascinated in coaxing out the inherent material characters of "mundane things". These wide manipulations of external implements draw an aural architecture around Chen's internally driven sonic language. Her own deeply personal yet unconventional uses of the voice and cello, in combination with Fleisenberg's material conjuring, creates a wordless discourse inside of a constantly breathing tactile space. 

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø: is a trombonist working mostly within contemporary fields of music. Educated in improvised music and jazz from the music academies in Gothenburg (BA) and Oslo (MA), he is now based in the Norwegian capital.

An ambiguous relationship with the trombone has led him to explore both the boisterous and brassy side of the instrument, as well as it’s counterpoint in microscopic and ‘electronic’ sound possibilities. Utilizing a wide spectrum of playing techniques, from pure long tones to noise and the almost inaudible, he often works balancing the intuitive with the precisely constructed.

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