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Evil Sword | Wume | David Moré

BLACK IRIS GALLERY is excited to announce the upcoming performance of Wume | Evil Sword | David Moré | on April 30th. Join us for an evening of unfolding rhythms and melody, lo-fi lyrical rants and mysterious collaborations. Doors at 7:30pm _ $6-$10 _ Drinks at the Tiny Bar.

EVIL SWORD: The forgotten mystery of the past. A dim cloud lit from behind by the moonlight, the whispering in the distance. Who is the king? The king is dead! That is why the drums beat so. Where are we? There is no way of knowing but let us tie a ribbon to this tree. Alternately lumbering stiffly or dancing in a trance. A beast gnawing on a bloody stump!

WUMEis April Camlin and Albert Schatz. They live and work in the fair land of Baltimore, Maryland after spending their formative years in Chicago. Their music explores polyrhythmic structures through the lens of kosmische and is in a constant state of evolution and self-reflection. Albert and April began the collaboration as a development of April’s drumming and Albert’s interest in keyboards and synthesis. It became an exercise in pushing their abilities and conjuring vibes.

DAVID MORE´: is a sound artist, musician wannabe, and occasional maker of objects. Current projects include listening to weak electromagnetic signals from (maybe) Jupiter using a home built radio telescope, as well as weekly practice sessions with his mildly electric fish pet fish, Alex Halsted, via Skype. In 2004, as well as in 2013, he was quite honored to perform at the High Zero Festival of Improvised Experimental Music in Baltimore,alongside such luminaries as Daniel Higgs, Joe McPhee, and Susan Alcorn. His projects have been presented through Art in General (NYC) and the University of Illinois at Chicago, amongst others." Hope that helps.