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ENE | Catholic Church | Snake Union

We have a great line-up April 21st at Black Iris Gallery! SNAKE UNION is Chuck Bettis (All Scars, Mossenek) and David Grant (Action Patrol, On A Clear Day). A duo that works in improvisational rhythmic explorations that match analog synths and digital sound processing, modular wires and max patches. By turns psychedelic, delicate, and fuzzed out, the sequenced collides with the freeform as these two soundmakers push into new realms.

Opening the evening is ENE (Scott Hudgins) with a set of broken rhythms layered with electronic sweeps and swells, then premiere of experimental project, "Catholic Church" (Johnny Skritza & Marty Key) Things are going to get weird and be great! 

Doors 7:30pm $6-$10 | Drinks in the Tiny Bar | Cash Only