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Restroy | 3.5.7

On March 4th, Chris Dammann’s Restroy will celebrate the debut of its album, Saturn Return, at Black Iris Gallery. The 3.5.7. Ensemble will also be performing tracks from their 2015 release, Amongst the Smokestacks and Steeples.

“Most of the musicians brought in original material for the new record, which packs in 14 tracks, and that might explain the easygoing stylistic range that makes room for charged post-bop, knotty free improvisation, translucent west-coast polyphony, Mingus-like blues thrust, and some post-Trane spirituality, often in shifting combinations.” … “there's a real surfeit of ideas at work, with some lovely arrangements distinguishing many of the tunes.”

- Peter Margasak (Staff writer, Chicago Reader)