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Olivia Neutron-John | Louie Louie

Olivia Neutron-John (D.C.) will be bringing powerful unadorned beats, broken vocals and unbridled performance to the stage at Black Iris Gallery. Anna Nasty, also a member of the Dischord band Chain and the Gang, is the mastermind behind the emotional and raw sounds of ONJ. Anna engineers an unexpected sound fusing saxophone, voice, synths and stripped back drum beats, to create a hypnotic and frenetic experience. Touring relentlessly, they recently made a stop back home, unleashing their sound on the audience at The Smithsonian American Art before picking back up on a tour across North America. 

"RAW, GLITTERING, PSYCHEDELIC … OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN, is a NON-BINARY, POST-BRO one person music/dance declaration of war on the accepted and the expected

                                                                                                               –Ian Svenonious

Louie Louie (Philly):

An all female cast, this four piece band is on tour to share their first single, Out In The Streets. The way these ladies blend psychedelic, garage and pop rock makes them an act you won’t want to miss.