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Puff Pieces & Teargas Rock!

Join us this Saturday, December 5th at Black Iris Gallery as DC based punk-defying Puff Pieces join east coast staples Teargas Rock for an evening of disjointed thought, tight grooves and pure energy! Drinks will be available in the Tiny Bar.

$5 - $10 at the door. 

Doors officially open at 6pm for the premier performance You and Me Both by Alexa Hagin & Clifford Owens, so come early and stay late for an evening that is guaranteed to take you to places unfamiliar and challenge what you've known. A unique night in Richmond that you won't want to miss!

Puff Pieces strives to destroy the bland hegemony of their city's condo-crazed culture with a mix of melody and nervous dissonance. This 4-song limited 7" was recorded by Devin Ocampo (Medications/Faraquet) at his home studio in Washington, D.C.

The implosion of underground rock act (Young) Pioneers in spring of ‘99 left the group’s main speechwriter, Stakolee, and his comrade, Martin Violence, without an aural outlet for their abrasive brand of political harangue. Before long, the two found themselves conspiring with Union drum corps Corporal Randolph Davis on a new platform designed to foment youth revolt. Named immediately preceding the events of November 30, 1999 in Seattle, the new group, dubbed Teargas Rock, sought to actively involve white mother country radicals in the escalating resistance to overdeveloped neoliberal capitalism. The resulting audio communique, advised and directed by Bryan Hoffa, connects the the bile of Dylan’s “Ballad of a Thin Man” to the spleen of Conflict’s The Ungovernable Force without missing a single frontline wire feed.

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