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Diamond Center | Big No

It's no secret that we're huge fans of our friends record store Steady Sounds. In addition to having the best curated selection of vinyl and used hifi gear they're also putting out solid vinyl of their own. Steady Sounds latest record release is Austin based, Diamond Center's "Crystals for the Brass Empire" is in stores now and we're happy be hosting their official launch party. Diamond Center will be joined by Big No for a night of psychedelia, folk-rock and reverb drenched blankets of sound. DJ Marty Violence will be spinning throughout the evening so come early, stay late and enjoy!

Saturday October 3rd | Doors 8pm | $6 - $10                                                                      

Review | The Diamond Center - Crystals For The Brass Empire
Belonging to that old school whimsical style, it's interesting to hear an American band approach the style of acid folk and it is songs such as 'SAMO' which show a band who really have something to give. Let's hope that the sublime moments of this album make for an exciting future for this band. By Martyn Coppack