Black Iris

Black Iris is an artist-run laboratory for national, international and regional artists working in a variety of media. Black Iris's multi-disciplinary activities aim to connect the local community to a growing constellation of thought strung together through creative acts. Black Iris presents community focused activities, exhibitions, screenings, performances, lectures, experimental music events, parties, social interactions and unexpected acts of imaginative expression. Through a radical re-imagining we see art’s potential to not only impact the singular viewer/participant but a neighborhood, a city, and a mode of thought.

Black Iris rejects the notion of high vs low art. This is a senseless construct. We encourage inclusion over exclusion. We build bridges. We value the exchange of ideas, culture, social perspectives, and psychological insights over the exchange of currency. Imagination is power, yet so many of the tools needed to kindle this radical form sit un-accessed, circulating only in small circles. Black Iris aims to reconnect disjointed publics and weave together new ways of community engagement, sensing, building, thinking and acting.